Warranty Information

Funtronix 90-Day Limited Warranty
Covers the following products model numbers:
SNT-110G, SNT-110S, SNT-110M, SNT-120M(P), SNT-200M(P), SNT-220M(P) Products.

Funtronix 2-Year Limited Warranty
Covers the following product model numbers:
GS-120, SB-200,SC-200,SNT-100SL,SNT-120G, SNT-125G, SNT-120CM(P), SNT-130M(P), SNT-140(P), SNT-140BB, SNT-130WM(P), SNT-230M(P), SNT-300BB, SNT-300G, SNT-300T, SNT-300M, SNT-300F, SNT-340M, SNT-340F, SNT-440(P), and all SNT-800 series scoreboard products.

Funtronix Return Policy

Funtronix Return Policy

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